Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kids in Need -- Books in Deed

KIDS IN NEED – BOOKS IN DEED is committed to:
1. Promoting reading and writing--education and the imagination. When children create a character, they are learning empathy. When they are plotting a story, they are learning strategic thought. When they are inventing what might happen next, they are developing their imaginations. When they are putting one word in front of the next, they are understanding, deeply, their language and finding their own voice. Reading and writing expand our worlds.

2. Getting free books into the homes of underprivileged kids. Having books in the home is a primary indicator of literacy. For some students, this will be the first book they’ve ever owned.

3. Bringing living and breathing authors to kids. Books are not born from bookshelves. Writers use words to invent worlds. We want to create that magical moment when the writer brings the book to life, breaking down the wall between author and reader. Having authors talk to students about their childhoods, their creative processes, their imaginations, allows students to understand that they, too, have a voice and that there is value and power in writing down their own stories.

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