Monday, June 8, 2015

KIN-BID sponsors author visit

Author Donna Gephart visited Liberty Park Elementary School in Greenacres, FL on April 8, and she had a little surprise with her. Donna was able to give each child at Liberty Park a signed copy of one of her books, thanks to a donation from Kids in Need -- Books in Deed.
     Ms. Gephart did a presentation for each grade, reading just enough of the book that the students were to receive. The students loved the reading, and as she concluded, many were groaning, "Don't stop reading!"  Then she made the big announcement that they would each receive a new book, signed by the author.  
     "You should have heard their cheers, seen the looks on their faces," Gephart said. "I then had the opportunity to meet each student and sign his or her book. It was magical."
     A film crew was on hand to capture some of that magic, and interviewed some of the students for a piece that aired on the local PBS channel and the school district's Web site.  [
     "My favorite moment was when one third grade girl said, 'When someone asks if I like reading, I say 'No! I don't like reading. I LOVE reading!'" Ms. Gephart said. "Thanks so much to Kids in Need -- Books in Deed for making a substantive difference in so many lives . . . including mine."
     Author visits and book donations are possible at Title I schools in the state of Florida. For more information, contact David Scott at