Kids in Need – Books in Deed is a nonprofit organization housed at the Florida State University Foundation, founded in 2006 by novelist Julianna Baggott and her husband David G.W. Scott. The program brings free books and free author visits to Kids in Need throughout the state of Florida. The FSU Foundation requires only 2.4% for overhead and .6% for investment fees. Everyone who works for the program volunteers -- including the authors who donate school visits. Books are purchased directly from publishers to receive the greatest discounts.

KIDS IN NEED – BOOKS IN DEED is committed to:

1. Promoting reading and writing--education and the imagination.

When children read about a character, they learn empathy. When you following plot, they are learning strategic thought. When they are envisioning the world of a book in their mind, they are developing their imagination. When they are inspired to write their own story, they are coming to understand, deeply, their language and finding their own voice.

Empathy. Strategic thought. Imagination. Language. Voice. Regardless of the field a child chooses to go into -- physics, business, art or the art of politics-- these skills go into every worthwhile endeavor they choose to undertake in their lives.

2. Getting free books into the homes of underprivileged kids.

Having books in the home is a primary indicator of literacy. For some students, this will be the first book they’ve ever owned.

3. Bringing living and breathing authors to kids.

Books are not born from bookshelves. Writers use words to invent worlds. We want to create that magical moment when the writer brings the book to life, breaking down the wall between author and reader. Having authors talk to students about their childhoods, their creative processes, their imaginations, allows students to understand that they, too, have a voice and that there is value and power in writing down their own stories.

Monetary Donations:
The FSU Foundation
C/O Kids in Need - Books in Deed, Fund #0430
2010 Levy Avenue
PO Box 3062739
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2739

To donate books:
Contact David Scott